DGG. at bin:  /home2/realger1/.bin/ sa-learn 
DGG. dollar bin /home2/realger1/.bin/  

SpamAssassin version 3.3.1

Please select either --spam, --ham, --folders, --forget, --sync, --import, --dump, --clear, --backup or --restore

    sa-learn [options] [file]...

    sa-learn [options] --dump [ all | data | magic ]

     --ham                 Learn messages as ham (non-spam)
     --spam                Learn messages as spam
     --forget              Forget a message
     --use-ignores         Use bayes_ignore_from and bayes_ignore_to
     --sync                Synchronize the database and the journal if needed
     --force-expire        Force a database sync and expiry run
     --dbpath        Allows commandline override (in bayes_path form) for where to read the Bayes DB from

     --dump [all|data|magic]  Display the contents of the Bayes database Takes optional argument for what to display
      --regexp re        For dump only, specifies which tokens to dump based on a regular expression.
     -f file, --folders=file  Read list of files/directories from file
     --dir                 Ignored; historical compatibility
     --file                Ignored; historical compatibility
     --mbox                Input sources are in mbox format
     --mbx                 Input sources are in mbx format
     --showdots            Show progress using dots
     --progress            Show progress using progress bar
     --no-sync             Skip synchronizing the database and journal after learning
     -L, --local           Operate locally, no network accesses
     --import              Migrate data from older version/non DB_File based databases
     --clear               Wipe out existing database
     --backup              Backup, to STDOUT, existing database
     --restore filename  Restore a database from filename
     -u username, --username=username Override username taken from the runtime environment, used with SQL
     -C path, --configpath=path, --config-file=path
                           Path to standard configuration dir
     -p prefs, --prefspath=file, --prefs-file=file Set user preferences file
     --siteconfigpath=path Path for site configs (default: /etc/mail/spamassassin)
     --cf='config line'    Additional line of configuration
     -D, --debug [area=n,...]  Print debugging messages
     -V, --version         Print version
     -h, --help            Print usage message