MySQL: MyPHPadmin

MyAdmin (Choose DB), x3 sql PhpMyAdmin, birding, default, cPanel   manage MySQL Databases

Cust Mgt Sys

Mail*, spamassassin, forwarders, MailingLists, Filtering:userLevel, Filtering:account wide

Webmail SquirrelMail , horde


Known IPs
Tickets: CHI

login ; open

Backup Generate/Download a Full Backup
Backup Destination Email Address*
Remote Server (FTP/scp)
Remote User Pass Directory Port

GUI Logout

    java Shell Applet fires if included

FTP Manager* File Manager disk usage

    Web/FTP Stats
Bandwidth, Webalizer: FTP, HTTP

Raw Access Logs Raw Log Manager define archival and download End-O-Month files.

CGI Center *
Cron jobs

    Network Tools NSLookup ; traceroute to you
    Index Manager
    Fantastico     Password Protect Directories     Apache Handlers*

    Parked Domains
    Addon Domains point to subdirectories within your account

    Subdomains redirection...

    site Deny Manager

    HotLink Protection*
    Manage OpenPGP Keys
    SSL Manager generate ssl certificates, signing requests, and keys

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