lubricating systems for Fractional HP motors

  1. Wool Felt: The felt is saturated with a specific amount of oil and is fitted around the bearing. This was the system originally used in all small motors and has good oil retention characteristics.
  2. Permawick: A blend of cellulose fiber and turbine oil - it has the appearance of oil-soaked sawdust and has the advantage of holding 30% more lubricant than the wool felt system. This is the material used in Fasco motor bearing systems.
  1. Oil provides a cushion, or layer between motor shaft and bearing ID. Theoretically, the shaft and bearing do not touch. When the oil supply fails, metal to metal contact quickly causes bearing wear, bearing noise develops, or the shaft locks.
  2. High operating temperatures for a motor will result in oil oxidation and evaporation causing eventual seizing between the bearing surface and the shaft. This frequently occurs when the motor is started after several months of not being in use. A few drops of oil at the beginning of the heating or air conditioning season is helpful.
  3. For routine maintenance and improved bearing life expectancy, a few drops of non detergent 'twenty weight' oil can be added every 12 months.
  4. The addition of a few drops of oil to the lubricating system at the beginning of the heating or air conditioning season is helpful.
  5. A ball bearing uses special greases as the lubricant. The bearing may be sealed against contaminates, therefore, ball bearings are also commonly found in applications where duty requirements or extreme temperatures make re-lubrication impractical.

    From Fasco. Facts booklet