Many of the deprecated items W3C expects to phase out

Index of Attributes

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onBlur, onChange,...

Name Related Elements Type Default   Comment
        Loose DTD
Frameset DTD
Table attributes  (the cell defining table elements are: tbody, thead, col, colgroup, tr, th, td, tfoot ).
Additional table elements are: caption summary
align TABLE TAlign L table position relative to window
frame TABLE TFrame   which parts of frame to render
valign all Table elements top | middle | bottom |
valign=middle          <style> td {vertical-align:top;} <style>
align all Table elements left|center|right|
char="."   Doesn't look like any browser does char!
Copied from w3 example. which is demonstarted using <pre> <COLGROUP> <COL><COL align="char" char=".">
Vegetable Cost per kilo
Lettuce $1
Silver carrots $10.50
Golden turnips $100.30
char COL, COLGROUP, TBODY, TD, TFOOT, TH, THEAD, TR Character dot i.e. "."   alignment char, ex "-"
charoff COL, COLGROUP, TBODY, TD, TFOOT, TH, THEAD, TR Length   offset if alignment char missing in the data
bgcolor TABLE, TR, TD ColorName L background color for cells see style=background:colorname
align CAPTION CAlign L relative to table
summary TABLE Text   purpose/structure for speech output
border TABLE Pixels   controls frame width around table
width TABLE Length   *nbsp;
cellpadding TABLE Length   spacing within cells
cellspacing TABLE Length   spacing between cells
rules TABLE TRules none   rulings between rows and cols
none | groups |  rows| cols | all *
dir table ltr | rtl  ltr direction for columns
ltr 0,1,2... ;
rtl ...3,2,1,0
abbr TD, TH Text   abbreviation for header cell
colspan TD, TH NUMBER 1   number of cols spanned by cell
axis TD, TH CDATA   comma-separated list of related headers
headers TD, TH IDREFS   list of id's for header cells
height TD, TH Length L height for cell
width COL MultiLength  column width specification
width COLGROUP MultiLength  default width for enclosed COLs
nowrap TD, TH nowrap L suppress word wrap
rowspan TD, TH NUMBER 1   number of rows spanned by cell
scope TD, TH Scope   scope covered by header cells
span COL NUMBER 1   COL attributes affect N columns
span COLGROUP NUMBER 1   default number of columns in group
width TD, TH Length L width for cell
accept-charset FORM Charsets UNKNOWN   list of supported charsets
accept FORM, INPUT ContentTypes   list of MIME types for file upload
action FORM URI Required   server-side form handler
alt INPUT CDATA   short description
enctype FORM ContentType "application/x-www- form-urlencoded"  
name FORM CDATA   name of form for scripting
onreset FORM Script   the form was reset
method FORM GET | POST GET   HTTP method used to submit the form
onsubmit FORM Script   the form was submitted
checked INPUT (checked)  for radio buttons and check boxes
cols TEXTAREA NUMBER Required  
rows TEXTAREA NUMBER Required  
src INPUT URI   for fields with images
accesskey A, AREA, BUTTON, INPUT, LABEL, LEGEND, TEXTAREA Character   Associates an accessibility key character to an element
align APPLET, IFRAME, IMG, INPUT, OBJECT IAlign* L vertical or horizontal alignment
align LEGEND LAlign* L relative to fieldset
align HR left | center | right L  
align DIV, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, P left | center | right | justify L align, text alignment
alt APPLET Text L short description
alt AREA, IMG Text Required   short description
archive APPLET CDATA L comma-separated archive list
alink BODY ColorName L color of selected links
vlink BODY ColorName L color of visited links
link BODY ColorName L color of links
background BODY URI L texture tile for document background
bgcolor BODY ColorName L document background color
border IMG, OBJECT Pixels L link border width
charset A, LINK, SCRIPT Charset  char encoding of linked resource
cite BLOCKQUOTE, Q URI  URI for source document or msg
cite DEL, INS URI   info on reason for change
class All elements but BASE, BASEFONT, HEAD, HTML, META, PARAM, SCRIPT, STYLE, TITLE CDATA   space-separated list of classes
clear BR left | all | right | none none L control of text flow
code APPLET CDATA L applet class file
codebase APPLET URI L optional base URI for applet
classid OBJECT URI   identifies an implementation
codebase OBJECT URI   base URI for classid, data, archive
codetype OBJECT ContentType   content type for code
data OBJECT URI   reference to object's data
declare OBJECT (declare)   declare but don't instantiate flag
archive OBJECT CDATA   space-separated list of URIs
color BASEFONT, FONT ColorName L text color use: <style=color:cccc
cols FRAMESET MultiLengths F list of lengths, default: 100% (1 col)
compact DIR, DL, MENU, OL, UL (compact) L reduced interitem spacing
content META CDATA Required   associated information
coords AREA Coords   comma-separated list of lengths
coords A Coords   for use with client-side image maps
datetime DEL, INS Datetime   date and time of change
defer SCRIPT (defer)   UA may defer execution of script
dir All elements but APPLET, BASE, BASEFONT, BDO, BR, FRAME, FRAMESET, IFRAME, PARAM, SCRIPT (ltr | rtl)   direction for weak/neutral text
dir BDO (ltr | rtl) Required   directionality
disabled BUTTON, INPUT, OPTGROUP, OPTION, SELECT, TEXTAREA (disabled)   not included in submit!, as option it is unselectable, as a select unaccessable
face BASEFONT, FONT CDATA L comma-separated list of font names
for LABEL IDREF   matches field ID value
frameborder FRAME, IFRAME 1 | 0 1 F request frame borders?
height IFRAME Length L frame height
height IMG, OBJECT Length   override height
height APPLET Length Required L initial height
href A, AREA, LINK URI   URI for linked resource
href BASE URI   URI that acts as base URI
hreflang A, LINK LanguageCode   language code
hspace APPLET, IMG, OBJECT Pixels L horizontal gutter
http-equiv META NAME   HTTP response header name
id All elements but BASE, HEAD, HTML, META, SCRIPT, STYLE, TITLE ID   document-wide unique id
ismap IMG, INPUT (ismap)   use server-side image map
label OPTION Text   for use in hierarchical menus
label OPTGROUP Text Required   for use in hierarchical menus
lang All elements but APPLET, BASE, BASEFONT, BR, FRAME, FRAMESET, IFRAME, PARAM, SCRIPT LanguageCode   language code
language SCRIPT CDATA L predefined script language name
longdesc IMG URI   link to long description (complements alt)
longdesc FRAME, IFRAME URI F link to long description (complements title)
marginheight FRAME, IFRAME Pixels F margin height in pixels
marginwidth FRAME, IFRAME Pixels F margin widths in pixels
maxlength INPUT NUMBER   max chars for text fields
media STYLE MediaDesc   designed for use with these media
media LINK MediaDesc   for rendering on these media
multiple SELECT (multiple)   default is single selection
name APPLET CDATA L allows applets to find each other
name SELECT CDATA   field name
name FRAME, IFRAME CDATA F name of frame for targetting
name IMG CDATA   name of image for scripting
name A CDATA   named link end
name INPUT, OBJECT CDATA   submit as part of form
name MAP CDATA Required   for reference by usemap
name PARAM CDATA Required   property name
name META NAME   meta-information name
nohref AREA (nohref)   this region has no action
noresize FRAME (noresize) F allow users to resize frames?
noshade HR (noshade) L
object APPLET CDATA L serialized applet file
onchange INPUT, SELECT, TEXTAREA Script   the element value was changed

<input id=checkAform value=0 size=5>
<input type=checkbox name=chkbox1
onChange="if  (this.checked){icheckAmount+=20;checkAform.value=icheckAmount;}
          if (!this.checked){icheckAmount-=20;checkAform.value=icheckAmount;}">

onFocus A, AREA, BUTTON, INPUT, LABEL, SELECT, TEXTAREA Script   the element
got the focus
onBlur lost the focus
keyboard actions (while focus in on element)
onKeyUp released
onKey pressed and released
pointer aka mouse actions
onMouseDown All elements but APPLET, BASE, BASEFONT, BDO, BR, FONT, FRAME, FRAMESET, HEAD, HTML, IFRAME, ISINDEX, META, PARAM, SCRIPT, STYLE, TITLE Script   button was pressed down
onMouseUp released
onmouseMove moved within
onmouseOut moved away
Not on iPad/iPhone
moved onto
on Click clicked
on Dblclick double clicked
onselect INPUT, TEXTAREA Script   some text was selected
NOT checkbox ckecked
onload BODY Script  the document has been loaded
FRAMESET Script F all the frames have been loaded
onunload FRAMESET Script F all the frames have been removed
from chrome HTML table element
onabort onerror oninvalid
onbeforecopy, onbeforecut, onbeforepaste
onblur, onfocus
onclick, ondblclick
oncopy, oncut, onpaste
ondrag, ondragend, ondragenter, ondragleave, ondragover, ondragstart
onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup
onmousemove, onmouseout, onmouseover, onmouseup, onmousedown, onmousewheel
onselect, onselectstart

BODY Script   the document has been removed
profile HEAD URI   named dictionary of meta info
prompt ISINDEX Text L prompt message
readonly INPUT, TEXTAREA       for text and passwd
can tab to it (not helpful), highlight it, and copy the text from it.
rel A, LINK LinkTypes   forward link types
rev A, LINK LinkTypes   reverse link types
rows FRAMESET MultiLengths F list of lengths, default: 100% (1 row)
scheme META CDATA   select form of content
scrolling FRAME, IFRAME yes | no | auto auto F scrollbar or none
selected OPTION selected  
shape AREA Shape rect   controls interpretation of coords
shape A Shape rect   for use with client-side image maps
size HR Pixels L  
size FONT CDATA L [+|-]nn e.g. size="+1", size="4"
size INPUT CDATA   specific to each type of field
size BASEFONT CDATA Required L base font size for FONT elements
size SELECT NUMBER   rows visible
src SCRIPT URI   URI for an external script
src FRAME, IFRAME URI   source of frame content
src IMG URI Required   URI of image to embed
standby OBJECT Text  message to show while loading
start OL NUMBER L starting sequence number
style All elements but BASE, BASEFONT, HEAD, HTML, META, PARAM, SCRIPT, STYLE, TITLE StyleSheet  associated style info
[address bar] as well as any additionally installed toolbars (like google) are eligable to be tabbed to.
NUMBER  position in tabbing order.
once a TABINDEX is introduced, tabbing advances through all fields with tabindex before fields without TABINDEX.
Fields with the same TABINDEX advance sequentially
increment by 10s to allow revisions
target A, AREA, BASE, FORM, LINK FrameTarget L render in this frame*
_blank new, unnamed window,
_self same frame ,
_parent the immediate FRAMESET parent of the current frame,
_top full, original window (thus canceling all other frames).
text BODY ColorName L document text color
title All elements but BASE, BASEFONT, HEAD, HTML, META, PARAM, SCRIPT, TITLE Text  advisory title
type A, LINK ContentType  advisory content type
type OBJECT ContentType  content type for data
type PARAM ContentType  content type for value when valuetype=ref
type SCRIPT ContentType Required   content type of script language
type STYLE ContentType Required  content type of style language
type INPUT InputType TEXT   what kind of widget is needed
type LI LIStyle L list item style
type OL OLStyle L numbering style
type UL ULStyle L bullet style
type BUTTON (button | submit | reset) submit  for use as form button
usemap IMG, INPUT, OBJECT URI  use client-side image map
value INPUT CDATA  Specify for radio buttons and checkboxes
value OPTION CDATA  defaults to element content
value PARAM CDATA  property value
value BUTTON CDATA  sent to server when submitted
value LI NUMBER L reset sequence number
valuetype PARAM (DATA | REF | OBJECT) DATA  How to interpret value
version HTML CDATA HTML.Version L Constant
vspace APPLET, IMG, OBJECT Pixels L vertical gutter
width HR Length L  
width IFRAME Length L frame width
width IMG, OBJECT Length  override width
width APPLET Length Required L initial width
width PRE NUMBER L  

<td id=id style=visibility:hidden supresses display of anything (including an input allowing:
script to reveal it.

??? hidden is not an attribute, rather is is a type of input,
setting"none" does cause id to be hidden,
setting"" causes id to be visible.

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