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18.1 Cursors: the cursor property

Value:[ [<uri> ,]* [ auto | default | pointer | crosshair | move |
E-resize| NE-resize | NW-resize | N-resize | SE-resize | SW-resize | S-resize| W-resize|
text | wait | help
] ] | inherit
Initial: auto; Applies to:all elements; Inherited; Media:visual, interactive

This property specifies the type of cursor to be displayed for the pointing device.

In MS windows these are defined in the pointers tab of the mouse category in control panel.
Standard choices usually include:  
Default, Animated (Note: as of FireFox; 9.24 Opera don't suppport ani )
Black, Black (large), Black (extra large)
Inverted, Inverted (large), Inverted (extra large)
Standard (large), Standard (extra large)
Hands 1, Hands 2, Dinosaur, Old Fashioned, Conductor, Magnified, Variations, 3D-White, 3D-Bronze

Stored in registry :
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Control Panel\Cursors\Schemes]

Mouse over the definition for an example of how YOUR browser displays the different styles

context-menu cell col-resize row-resize
text vertical-text alias copy move no-drop not-allowed
ew-resize ns-resize nesw-resize nwse-resize all-scroll
zoom-in zoom-out grab grabing progress
style=cursor:auto  The UA determines the cursor based on the current context.
cursor:crosshair crosshair
default platform-dependent default . Often rendered as an arrow.
pointer indicates a link. Often rendered as hand with pointing finger.
move Indicates something is to be moved. Often rendered as a 4-headed arrow, or grasping hand.
Compass points:
N-resize, NE-resize, E-resize, SE-resize, S-resize, SW-resize, W-resize, NW-resize,
Indicate that some edge is to be moved.
For example: SE-resize is used when the movement starts from the south-east corner of the box.

NW-resize N-resize NE-resize
W-resize E-resize
SW-resize S-resize SE-resize

wait: program is busy and the user should wait. Often rendered as a watch or hourglass.
progress: user can interact with a busy program.
help: Help is available for the object under the cursor. Often rendered as a question mark or a balloon.
text: text that may be selected. Often rendered as an I-bar.
       vertical-text; cursor: alias, alias;, copy;, move;, no-drop;,
Table Cursors (need not be on table-type tag): context-menu, cell;, col-resize;, row-resize; , all-scroll;


The user agent (browser) retrieves the cursor from the resource designated by the URI.
If it cannot handle the first cursor of a list of cursors, it should attempt to handle the second, etc. If it cannot handle any user-defined cursor, it must use the generic cursor at the end of the list.

<tr style=cursor:url(http://www.real-world-systems.com/docs/Cursors/NJRTL.cur) onClick='location="http://NJRTL.org"'; > New Jersey Right to life

UPs:    up_i   ,    up_il   ,    up_im   ,    up_l   ,    up_m   ,    up_r   ,    up_rl   ,    up_rm   

Examples of some of the cursors shipped with MS windows in C:\WinNT\cursors C:\Windows\cursors
.ani only supported by MS Internet Explorer and Edge.
firefox , chrome don't do .ani DownLoad them

static image of cursors
coin fillitup banana raindrop
hand NO hand fingers thumping handNS
i.e. North South
i.e. NorthWest SouthEast
i.e. West East

ElectrifiedCPU PleaseWait LazarusStar LazarusStar rainbow
appstart appstar2 appstart3 stopwtch download
i.e. Globe to PC
drum counter

see also Developer.Mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/cursor, using URL for cursors