BSD System Manager's Manual DISKARBITRATIOND(8) diskarbitrationd -- disk arbitration daemon diskarbitrationd [-d] diskarbitrationd listens for connections from clients, notifies clients of the appearance of disks and filesystems, and governs the mounting of filesystems and the claiming of disks amongst clients.

diskarbitrationd is accessed via the Disk Arbitration framework.

-d Report detailed information in /var/log/diskarbitrationd.log. This option forces diskarbitrationd to run in the foreground.

The file /etc/fstab is consulted for user-defined mount points, indexed by filesystem, in the mount point determination for a filesystem. Each filesystem can be identified by its UUID or by its label, using the constructs UUID or LABEL, respectively. For example:

        UUID=DF000C7E-AE0C-3B15-B730-DFD2EF15CB91 /export ufs   ro
        UUID=FAB060E9-79F7-33FF-BE85-E1D3ABD3EDEA none    hfs   rw,noauto
        LABEL=The\040Volume\040Name\040Is\040This none    msdos ro

SEE fstab(5)