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Microsoft DiskPart version 6.1.7601
On computer: KITCHEN


Microsoft DiskPart version 6.1.7601
DETAIL Provide details about an object.
Freshly CLEANed disk will display:
PNY CS1311 120GB SSD ATA Device
Disk ID: {5930BAB1-5AA6-409B-BF5D-5A5282B97383}
Type   : SATA
Status : Online
Path   : 4
Target : 0
LUN ID : 0
Location Path : PCIROOT(0)#PCI(0103)#PCI(0001)#ATA(C04T00L00)
Current Read-only State : No
Read-only  : No
Boot Disk  : No
Pagefile Disk  : No
Hibernation File Disk  : No
Crashdump Disk  : No
Clustered Disk  : No

There are no volumes.
SELECT Shift the focus to an object.
    DISK=N DiskPart disk index number (origin 0) 

    DISK=Path location path 

    DISK=SYSTEM On BIOS machines, BIOS disk 0 .
On EFI machines, the disk containing the ESP partition used for the current boot will receive focus. On EFI machines, if there is no ESP, or there is more than one ESP present, or the machine is booted from Windows PE, the command will fail. DISK=NEXT Once a disk is selected, iterate over all disks in the disk list. If no options are specified, the select command lists the disk that currently has the focus. view the DiskPart index numbers for all disks on the computer by using the LIST DISK command. Examples: SELECT DISK=1 SELECT DISK=SYSTEM SELECT DISK=NEXT SELECT DISK=PCIROOT(0)#PCI(0100)#ATA(C00T00L01) PARTITION - to a partition. For example, SELECT PARTITION. VOLUME - to a volume. For example, SELECT VOLUME. VDISK - to a virtual disk. For example, SELECT VDISK.
LIST Display a list of objects.
DISK Display a list of disks.
  Disk ###  Status         Size     Free     Dyn  Gpt
  --------  -------------  -------  -------  ---  ---
  Disk 0    Online          111 GB      0 B        *
  Disk 1    Online          465 GB    38 GB
PARTITION Display a list of partitions on the selected disk.
  Partition ###  Type              Size     Offset
  -------------  ----------------  -------  -------
  Partition 1    Primary            100 MB  1024 KB
  Partition 2    Primary             58 GB   102 MB
  Partition 3    Unknown             53 GB    58 GB
VDISK Displays a list of virtual disks.
FILESYSTEMSDisplay current and supported file systems on the volume.
RESCAN Rescan the computer looking for disks and volumes.
ACTIVE Mark the selected partition as active.
ASSIGN Assign a drive letter or mount point to the selected volume.
ATTRIBUTES Manipulate volume or disk attributes.
AUTOMOUNT Enable and disable automatic mounting of basic volumes.
CLEAN Clear the configuration information, or all information, off the disk.
No warning, no confirm! Note: Disk manager will request disk binitalized with MBR or GPT.

GPT will create a reserve partition

 Partition ###  Type              Size     Offset
-------------  ----------------  -------  -------
Partition 1    Reserved           128 MB    17 KB
COMPACT Attempts to reduce the physical size of the file.
CONVERT Convert between different disk formats.
CREATE Create a volume, partition or virtual disk.
DELETE Delete an object.
EXTEND Extend a volume.
FORMAT Format the volume or partition.
GPT Assign attributes to the selected GPT partition.
IMPORT Import a disk group.
INACTIVE Mark the selected partition as inactive.
MERGE Merges a child disk with its parents.
ONLINE Online an object that is currently marked as offline.
OFFLINE Offline an object that is currently marked as online.
RECOVER Refreshes the state of all disks in the selected pack.
Attempts recovery on disks in the invalid pack, and
resynchronizes mirrored volumes and RAID5 volumes that have stale plex or parity data.
REMOVE Remove a drive letter or mount point assignment.
RETAIN Place a retained partition under a simple volume.
SAN Display or set the SAN policy for the currently booted OS.
SETID Change the partition type.
SHRINK Reduce the size of the selected volume.
UNIQUEID Displays or sets the GUID partition table (GPT) identifier or master boot record (MBR) signature of a disk.
ADD Add a mirror to a simple volume.
BREAK Break a mirror set.
REPAIR Repair a RAID5 volume with a failed member.
ATTACH Attaches a virtual disk file.
DETACH Detaches a virtual disk file.
EXPAND Expands the maximum size available on a virtual disk.
REM Remark used to comment scripts.
HELP Display a list of commands.
EXIT Exit DiskPart.