Generic Top Level Domains

.store Sutoa
.CITIC corporationChinese
.online Russian
.Temasek holdingsChinese
Many other non ASCII entries

109.PLAY Amazon
110.DOG Top Level Domain Holdings Limited

charlestonRoadRegistry .ADS .BOO .DAD .DAY .EAT .ESQ .FLY .FOO .HERE .HOW

AUCTION Uniregistry, Corp.  KY
AUDI    AUDI Aktiengesellschaft DE
AUDIBLE Amazon EU S.à r.l.  LU
AUDIO   Uniregistry, Corp.  KY
AUDIO   Holly Castle, LLC   US
AUSPOST Australian Postal Corporation   AU
AUTHOR  Amazon EU S.à r.l.  LU
AUTO    Fegistry, LLC   US
AUTO    Dot Auto LLC    US
AUTO    Uniregistry, Corp.  KY
AUTO    Big Maple, LLC  US
AUTOINSURANCE   Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company    US

As of 8/26/13 there are over 1917 different applications!

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