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text , multipart , message , application , image , audio , video , model
references , people http://www.iana.org/assignments/

The "media-types" directory contains a subdirectory for each content type and 
each of those directories contains a file for each content subtype.


Content Types and Subtypes -------------------------- Type Subtype Reference ---- ------- --------- text plain [RFC2646,RFC2046] richtext [RFC2045,RFC2046] enriched [RFC1896] tab-separated-values [Paul Lindner] html [RFC2854] sgml [RFC1874] vnd.latex-z [Lubos] vnd.fmi.flexstor [Hurtta] uri-list [RFC2483] vnd.abc [Allen] rfc822-headers [RFC1892] vnd.in3d.3dml [Powers] prs.lines.tag [Lines] vnd.in3d.spot [Powers] css [RFC2318] xml [RFC3023] xml-external-parsed-entity [RFC3023] rtf [Lindner] directory [RFC2425] calendar [RFC2445] vnd.wap.wml [Stark] vnd.wap.wmlscript [Stark] vnd.motorola.reflex [Patton] vnd.fly [Gurney] vnd.wap.sl [WAP-Forum] vnd.wap.si [WAP-Forum] t140 [RFC2793] vnd.ms-mediapackage [Nelson] vnd.IPTC.NewsML [IPTC] vnd.IPTC.NITF [IPTC] vnd.curl [Hodge] vnd.DMClientScript [Bradley] parityfec [RFC3009] multipart mixed [RFC2045,RFC2046] alternative [RFC2045,RFC2046] digest [RFC2045,RFC2046] parallel [RFC2045,RFC2046] appledouble [MacMime,Patrik Faltstrom] header-set [Dave Crocker] form-data [RFC2388] related [RFC2387] report [RFC1892] voice-message [RFC2421,RFC2423] signed [RFC1847] encrypted [RFC1847] byteranges [RFC2068] message rfc822 [RFC2045,RFC2046] partial [RFC2045,RFC2046] external-body [RFC2045,RFC2046] news [RFC 1036, Henry Spencer] http [RFC2616] delivery-status [RFC1894] disposition-notification [RFC2298] s-http [RFC2660] application www.iana.org/assignments Type Subtype Description Reference ---- ------- ---------------- --------- image jpeg [RFC2045,RFC2046] gif [RFC2045,RFC2046] ief Image Exchange Format [RFC1314] g3fax [RFC1494] tiff Tag Image File Format [RFC2302] cgm Computer Graphics Metafile [Francis] naplps [Ferber] vnd.dwg [Moline] vnd.svf [Moline] vnd.dxf [Moline] png [Randers-Pehrson] vnd.fpx [Spencer] vnd.net-fpx [Spencer] vnd.xiff [SMartin] prs.btif [Simon] vnd.fastbidsheet [Becker] vnd.wap.wbmp [Stark] prs.pti [Laun] vnd.cns.inf2 [McLaughlin] vnd.mix [Reddy] vnd.fujixerox.edmics-rlc [Onda] vnd.fujixerox.edmics-mmr [Onda] vnd.fst [Fuldseth] audio basic [RFC2045,RFC2046] 32kadpcm [RFC2421,RFC2422] vnd.qcelp [Lundblade] vnd.digital-winds [Strazds] vnd.lucent.voice [Vaudreuil] vnd.octel.sbc vnd.rhetorex.32kadpcm vnd.vmx.cvsd vnd.nortel.vbk [Parsons] vnd.cns.anp1 [McLaughlin] vnd.cns.inf1 L16 [RFC2586] vnd.everad.plj [Cicelsky] telephone-event [RFC2833] tone prs.sid [Walleij] vnd.nuera.ecelp4800, 7470, 9600 [Fox] mpeg [RFC3003] parityfec [RFC3009] MP4A-LATM [RFC3016] G.722.1 [RFC3047] mpa-robust [RFC3119] vnd.cisco.nse [Kumar] DAT12, L20, L24 [RFCAVTD] video mpeg [RFC2045,RFC2046] quicktime [Paul Lindner] vnd.vivo [Wolfe] vnd.motorola.video, videop [McGinty] vnd.fvt [Fuldseth] pointer [RFC2862] parityfec [RFC3009] vnd.mpegurl [Recktenwald] MP4V-ES [RFC3016] vnd.nokia.interleaved-multimedia [Kangaslampi] model [RFC2077] iges [Parks] vrml, mesh [RFC2077] vnd.dwf [Pratt] vnd.gtw [Ozaki] vnd.flatland.3dml [Powers] vnd.vtu [Rabinovitch] vnd.mts vnd.gdl [Babits] vnd.gs-gdl vnd.parasolid.transmit.text, binary [Dearnaley,Juckes]
Character Sets -------------- All of the character sets listed the section on Character Sets are registered for use with MIME as MIME Character Sets. The correspondance between the few character sets listed in the MIME specifications [RFC2045,RFC2046] and the list in that section are: Type Description Reference ---- ----------- --------- US-ASCII see ANSI_X3.4-1968 below [RFC2045,RFC2046]
Access Types ------------ Type Reference ---- --------- FTP, ANON-FTP, TFTP, AFS, LOCAL-FILE, MAIL-SERVER [RFC2045,RFC2046] content-id [RFC1873]
Conversion values or Content Transfer Encodings. Type Reference ---- --------- 7BIT,8BIT, BASE64, Binary, QUOTED-PRINTABLE [RFC2045,RFC2046]
MIME / X.400 MAPPING TABLES MIME content-type X.400 Body Part Reference ----------------- ------------------ --------- text/plain [RFC1494] charset=us-ascii ia5-text charset=iso-8859-x EBP - GeneralText text/richtext no mapping defined application/oda EBP - ODA application/octet-stream bilaterally-defined application/postscript EBP - mime-postscript-body image/g3fax g3-facsimile image/jpeg EBP - mime-jpeg-body image/gif EBP - mime-gif-body audio/basic no mapping defined video/mpeg no mapping defined Abbreviation: EBP - Extended Body Part
X.400 to MIME Table Basic Body Parts X.400 Basic Body Part MIME content-type Reference --------------------- -------------------- --------- ia5-text text/plain;charset=us-ascii [RFC1494] voice No Mapping Defined g3-facsimile image/g3fax g4-class1 no mapping defined teletex no mapping defined videotex no mapping defined encrypted no mapping defined bilaterally-defined application/octet-stream nationally-defined no mapping defined externally-defined See Extended Body Parts X.400 Extended Body Part MIME content-type Reference ------------------------- -------------------- --------- GeneralText text/plain;charset=iso-8859-x[RFC1494] ODA application/oda mime-postscript-body application/postscript mime-jpeg-body image/jpeg mime-gif-body image/gif
REFERENCES www.iana.org/assignments

From: ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/iana/assignments/media-types/media-types
(last updated 2001 October 16)

Hacked by Dennis G German

[RFC2045,RFC2046] specifies that Content Types, Content Subtypes, Character Sets, Access Types, and conversion values for MIME mail will be assigned and listed by the IANA.