Phonetic Alphabet with Morse Code Mnemonics

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  Phonetic   Morse Code  Mnemonic (explanation)
A   Alpha    AL fah      -      al-FA   
B   Bravo    BRAH voh    -    YEAH! *clap* *clap* *clap* (applause)
C   Charlie  CHAR lee    --    CHAR-lie's AN-gels (1970s TV show)
D   Delta    DEL tah     -     NEW or-leans
E   Echo     EKK oh             hey!
F   Foxtrot  FOKS trot   -    *step**step**BRUSH**step* (that's how one foxtrot
G   Golf     golf        --    HOLE IN one!
H   Hotel    HO tell         ho-li-day-inn
I   India    IN dee ah         bom-bay
J   Juliet   JEW lee ett ---    where-FORE ART THOU?
K   Kilo     KEY loh     --     POUND for POUND
L   Lima     LEE mah     -    li-MA pe-rcapital of Peru.)
M   Mike     mike        --      LIKE MIKE (Michael Jordan advertising jingle)
N   November NOH vem ber -      AU-tumn
O   Oscar    OSS car     ---     SUN-NY-DAY (Sesame Street theme song as in "Oscar the Grouch")
P   Papa     PAH pah     --    of DOC-TOR good (from "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves", by Cher.)
Q   Quebec   keh BECK    ---    A-LOU-et-TUH (a song sung by French Canadians)
R   Romeo    ROW me oh   -     ro-MER-o "Romeo" in Spanish.
S   Sierra   see AIR ah       ne-va-d(the Sierra Nevada)
T   Tango    TANG go     -       DIP (When the boy dips the girl, during a tango, he holds her there for a few seconds.)
U   Uniform  YOU nee form -     u-ni-FOR
V   Victor   VIK ter      -    the first 4 notes of Beethoven's 5th (1st movement is the "Ode to Victory")
W   Whiskey  WISS key     --     jack AND COKE (Jack Daniel's whiskey, and Coca Cola.)
X   X-ray    EKS ray      --    ON-ly the BONES (that's all which is visible in an x-ray image.)
Y   Yankee   YANG kee     ---    ON a PO-NY (from Yankee Doodle)
Z   Zulu     ZOO luu      --    SHA-KA zu-lu (name of famous Zulu king.)
Koch Method for learning morse code(Don't use mnemonics).