rpcsvchost -- hosting environment for DCE/RPC services

rpcsvchost [options] service [service ...]

A very simple environment for hosting DCE/RPC (Distributed Computing Environment / Remote Procedure Calls) services. It loads DCE/RPC services from the list of plugins given as arguments, binds to an appropriate set of endpoints and listens for protocol requests.

If service is not a relative file name, it is assumed to be the name of a dylib located in

-endpoints binding [,…] additional endpoints that rpcsvchost should attempt to bind.
binding is be a comma separated list of DCE/RPC binding strings that include both the protocol sequence and endpoint fields.
Normally, rpcsvchost attempts to bind all the well-known endpoints specified by the service plugins. If there are no well-known endpoints, it will bind new endpoints on all supported protocol sequences. The -launchd option disables this behavior and causes rpcsvchost to check in with launch to obtain a set of sockets to bind as protocol endpoints.

Launchd sockets vended to rpcsvchost must be named with the appropriate DCE/RPC protocol sequence (eg. "ncacn_np").

modules loaded by rpcsvchost will be run in a sandbox.
rpcsvchost will attempt to intialize the sandbox using the sandbox profile with the name com.apple.module-name.sb.
See sandbox for an overview of the sandbox facility.
attempts to register the loaded services with the DCE/RPC endpoint mapper.
-stdout output log messages to standard output instead of the system log.
-wait-for-debugger wait for a debugger to attach after it has loaded and initialized its plugins, useful for debugging instances of rpcsvchost that are launched by launchd(8).
log debug information and may perform extra diagnostic checks.

See also

launchd.plist, sandbox