syslog-ng - logs system messages

[‑dFsvV] [‑f config‑file] [‑p pid‑file] [‑C chroot‑dir] [‑u u] [‑g g]

Messages are sent to syslog‑ng via a Unix domain socket (/dev/log) or via UDP port 514 as defined in /etc/services.
They may be sent via the logger command.

/dev/klog is used receieve messages from the kernel.

Messages are prefixed by a priority code inserted between < and > characters as defined in src/sys/syslog.h.

      priorities are ordered
      EMERG    0 system is unusable 
      ALERT    1 action must be taken immediately 
      CRIT     2 critical conditions 
      ERR      3 error conditions 
      WARNING  4 warning conditions 
      NOTICE   5 normal but significant condition 
      INFO     6 informational 
      DEBUG    7 debug-level messages 

Messages can be passed on to other syslog-ng's.

The configuration file is read at startup and is reread after receipt of a hangup (HUP) signal. When reloading the configuration file, all destination files are closed.

-f f,
use f for configuration. Default /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf
-p f,
Write Process ID to f . Default: var/run/
Don't fork into background.
parse the configuration file for errors and exit
-u u,
Switch to user u
-g g,
Switch to group g.
-C d,
Chroot to directory d.
debug mode. displays messages to aid in debugging.
Does not become a daemon. To activate debugging in the yacc parser, either use this option twice or combine with -v.
verbose . displays fewer messages, compared to -d.
display the version number and exit.

It is expected that syslog-ng will run as root, however, if not running on a priviledged port of it it owned its own log directories, etc, it might run as a non-root user.

Running multiple syslog-ng demons is permitted, however the pid file will only contain one process ID.

Exits with return code of 1 if there is a syntax error in the configuration file.

SEE ALSO syslog-ng.conf, logger, syslogd, syslog, syslog.2, syslog.3, services, syslog.conf, klogd, syslogd, sysklogd


/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf Configuration file for syslog-ng.
/var/run/ The file containing the process id of syslog-ng.


syslog-ng Copyright (c) 1999-2004 BalaBit Ltd,
portions were contributed by Jose Pedro Oliveira.

syslog-ng has many more capabilities
see them at BalaBit Ltd.