ubus [options] command [args]

-s socket Set the unix domain socket to connect to
-t timeout Set the timeout (in seconds) for a command to complete
-S Use simplified output (for scripts)
-v More verbose output
-m type (for monitor): include a specific message type (can be used more than once)
-M r|t (for monitor): only capture received or transmitted traffic


list [path] List objects On onion Omega Dash 08/04/20
block dhcp dnsmasq file i2c_exp iwinfo log
network.interface network.interface.loopback network.interface.wan 
network.interface.wlan network.interface.wwan network.wireless
onion onion-helper onion-os
service session system uci
call path method [message] Call an object method
listen [path …] Listen for events
send type [message] Send an event
wait_for object [object …] Wait for multiple objects to appear on ubus
monitor Monitor ubus traffic
-> dd3832d9 #00000003         status: {"status":0}
<- dd3832d9 #00000003         invoke: {"objid":3,"method":"remove","data":{,}}