This is a "geographic" help file for the basic

VI movment commands

If you are wondering where all the seemingly odd keystrokes originated, you should know that VI can be used with keyboard that doesn't have arrow keys, home, end,page up, page down...

Each command character on this chart is positioned where you will end up after issuing the command
mouseOver gives more information (usually)


 H  1G                                                             z [return]



M            B       b     [bs]      [space]   w   W   

? N # j * n / z . ^D ^f L G z -

I(nsert at beginning of line) A(ppend at end of line) i(nsert here) a(ppend here) use to terminate insert or append mode x delete character r replace character mx mark name x dw delete word cw change word `x go to mark x d$ delete to endline c$ change through end of line ^--- accent grave dd delete a line P p pop deleted item back BEFORE/after current cursor position /xxxx search for xxxx / search again ? backward set noscanwrap substitute globally: .exrc is processed at vi startup :%s/xxx/yyy/g set ic ignores case on search set smd show mode set list shows tabs, E-O-Line :set list will show control charaters :x save & exit :q quit & exit all commands