Stop autoIndent

Deleting lines matching a pattern within a range:
Example from here to the end , lines containing column heading

window operations: vi xxx yyy CTRLw xxx xxx can be CTRLw to switch windows

vim regular expressions do NOT include ?, use \{-}

    item    matches         equivalent 
    \a  alphabetic characters.  /[a-zA-Z]
    \d  digit                   [0-9]                \D  non-digit              [^0-9]
    \x  hex digit               [0-9a-fA-F]          \X  non-hex digit          [^0-9a-fA-F]
    \s  white space            [   ] (Tab and Space) \S  non-white characters   [^  ]     (not Tab and Space)
    \l  lowercase alpha            [a-z]             \L  non-lowercase alpha    [^a-z]
    \u  uppercase alpha            [A-Z]             \U  non-uppercase alpha    [^A-Z]

Official Tips wiki
:set termcap                                                                                                       
--- Terminal codes ---                    
  t_AL=^[[%p1%dL      t_CS=               t_IE=^G             t_mr=^[[7m          t_se=^[[27m         t_u7=^[[6n          t_xs=
  t_al=^[[L           t_Cs=               t_IS=^[]1;          t_ms=y              t_Sf=               t_ue=^[[m           t_ZH=^[[7m
  t_bc=               t_CV=               t_ke=^[[?1l^[>      t_nd=^[[C           t_so=^[[7m          t_us=^[[4m          t_ZR=^[[m
  t_cd=^[[J           t_da=               t_ks=^[[?1h^[=      t_op=^[[39;49m      t_SR=               t_ut=y              t_8f=
  t_ce=^[[K           t_db=               t_le=^H             t_RB=^[]11;?^G      t_sr=^[M            t_vi=^[[?25l        t_8b=
  t_cl=^[[H^[[2J      t_DL=^[[%p1%dM      t_mb=^[[5m          t_RI=^[[%p1%dC      t_te=  end          t_vs=^[[?12;25h     t_BE=^[[?2004h
  t_Ce=               t_dl=^[[M           t_md=^[[1m          t_RV=^[[>c          t_ti= init          t_GP=^[[13t         t_BD=^[[?2004l
  t_Co=256            t_fs=^G             t_me=^[[m           t_Sb=               t_ts=^[]2;          t_xn=y
  t_EI=^[]50;CursorShape=0^G          end insert
  t_SI=^[]50;CursorShape=1^GA         start insert

--- Terminal keys ---
t_#2 <S-Home>    ^[[1;2H   t_K6 <kPlus>     ^[O*k     t_k4 <F4>        ^[[14;*~  t_kP <PageUp>    ^[[5;*~        <xF4>       ^[O*S
t_#4 <S-Left>    ^[[1;2D   t_K7 <kMinus>    ^[O*m     t_k5 <F5>        ^[[15;*~  t_kb <BS>        ^?             <xEnd>      ^[O*F
t_%1 <Help>      ^[[28;*~  t_K8 <kDivide>   ^[O*o     t_k6 <F6>        ^[[17;*~  t_kd <Down>      ^[O*B          <zEnd>      ^[[8;*~
t_%i <S-Right>   ^[[1;2C   t_K9 <kMultiply> ^[O*j     t_k7 <F7>        ^[[18;*~  t_kh <Home>      ^[[1;*H        <xHome>     ^[O*H
t_&8 <Undo>      ^[[26;*~  t_KA <kEnter>    ^[O*M     t_k8 <F8>        ^[[19;*~  t_kl <Left>      ^[O*D          <zHome>     ^[[7;*~
t_*7 <S-End>     ^[[1;2F   t_KB <kPoint>    ^[O*n     t_k9 <F9>        ^[[20;*~  t_kr <Right>     ^[O*C          <xUp>       ^[[1;*A
t_@7 <End>       ^[[1;*F   t_PE <PasteEnd>  ^[[201~   t_k; <F10>       ^[[21;*~  t_ku <Up>        ^[O*A          <xDown>     ^[[1;*B
t_F1 <F11>       ^[[23;*~  t_PS <PasteStart> ^[[200~  t_kB <S-Tab>     ^[[Z           <Mouse>     ^[[M           <xLeft>     ^[[1;*D
t_F2 <F12>       ^[[24;*~  t_k1 <F1>        ^[[11;*~  t_kD <Del>       ^[[3~          <xF1>       ^[O*P          <xRight>    ^[[1;*C
t_K1 <kHome>     ^[[1;*~   t_k2 <F2>        ^[[12;*~  t_kI <Insert>    ^[[2;*~        <xF2>       ^[O*Q          <kDel>      ^[[3;*~
t_K4 <kEnd>      ^[[4;*~   t_k3 <F3>        ^[[13;*~  t_kN <PageDown>  ^[[6;*~        <xF3>       ^[O*R